Line Architecture Office was established in 2005 by Jalal Dadvar and Jubin Delavarian; Both of whom are alumni of Shahid Beheshti University. Having striking work experience in consulting engineers, the founders of the office decided to establish their own architecture firm. During recent years , they accomplished different projects in all ranges from supervising to construction.

In our company, we put full effort to achieve progress in the projects with high executability   and cost saving. Along with that, we consider close relations between different fields, including architecture, structure, and facilities engineering under the effect of a solid architectural idea.

In order to achieve this goal, we come across the new ideas within the project. In our office, we consider simplicity and readability of design, simplicity of masses and new experiences in order to express our designs to target audience. At the same time, we consider the logic of project implementation as a principle in every design.

Along the design stage, precise scheduling of a project by the construction experts and advanced software technologies have the main role in completing the office projects. Line Architecture Office’s practice is based on effort . In this process, considering the creation of some kind of intact and durable architecture is a goal, which we look for all the time.


Jalal Dadvar – Jubin Delavarian